Connectivity and Fiber

A wide range of connectivity solutions with FTTx (optical fibre) or xDSL (HDSL, SHDSL, ADSL) technology

Dedicated fiber

For companies that want more, we offer Dedicated fiber, i.e. a reserved broadband connection with Ethernet technology that ensures:

  • SPEED UP: to 1Gbps
  • PERFORMANCE: Guaranteed performance and bandwidth
  • STABILITY: Maximum stability
  • AVAILABILITY: of national and international coverage

TWT also develops customised projects for companies based in places with connection issues (after a feasibility check).

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Shared fibre

FTTx connectivity lines are data lines based on fibre optic technology in shared bandwidth mode and provide the highest standards in terms of download and upload speed, offering the stability of a new and technologically advanced network structure. FTTx data lines, according to territorial coverage, can be based on the following modes:
• FTTH, Fibre To The Home: the optical fibre network that goes directly to the end user. It can reach 100 Mbps, in download and in upload;
• FTTcab: Fibre to the Cabinet: the fibre does to the distribution cabinet, featuring the copper twisted-pair cable that connects the customer.

The maximum speed is 50 Mbps in download and 10 Mbps in upload.

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xDSL Solutions

The symmetrical and asymmetrical connectivity packages designed to always keep you connected with the highest quality standards.

HDSL and SHDSL Solutions

For companies that require superior performance in terms of upload data traffic and greater connection stability, as well as reduced latency times. There are various configurations according to the type of cable used and the option of dedicated bandwidth and shared bandwidth. The packages are available with dedicated bandwidth (ETH and ATM) and shared bandwidth (ATM).

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ADSL Connectivity

ADSL lines are recommended for customers who manage high volumes of traffic, mainly in download. There are various shared bandwidth access profiles available, which can be activated both on Ethernet and ATM network and it is possible to select the minimum guaranteed bandwidth that best suits the needs of each specific customer. The ADSL package includes both SHARED BANDWIDTH and DEDICATED BANDWIDTH options.
• In the case of shared bandwidth, the maximum speed reached in download ranges between 20 and 1.28 Mbps;
• In the case of dedicated bandwidth, the minimum guaranteed bandwidth is 512 Kbps, while the maximum speed that can be reached is 2 Mbps.

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