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TWT’s Quality System is certified by UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

Information security

With the aim of reaching the highest levels of excellence, security and quality of its services, TWT has obtained the international certification ISO/IEC 27001, testifying to the conformity of actions adopted for the protection of data and the entire technological infrastructure.

The attainment of this certification represents the highest levels reached by TWT in terms of logical, physical and organizational security.

In fact, for some time now, TWT has operated according to an internationally recognized model for managing information security: a series of best practices whose objective is to deliver the highest standards of data protection and to add value to the company and its service portfolio.

This certification is also a very important requirement for satisfying customers who can therefore count on the absolute security, reliability and quality of the services and activities they undertake with TWT. Indeed, ISO 27001 certification ensures that the procedures set up by TWT for the planning, engineering, implementation, monitoring, maintenance and improvement of the technological infrastructure and its data attain the highest possible levels of security, against threats of any kind, in order to guarantee data integrity, availability and privacy.

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The TWT Quality Management System is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015


TWT haso btained Quality Management System Certification for the “Planning, supplying and assistance on national and international telecommunications services for customers an reseller. Supplying of certified e-mail services (PEC)” in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015international standard.

This is a further significant achievement for a dynamic and innovative business like TWT, as it pursues its path of continuously improving efficiency and competitiveness.

Quality certification has provided TWT with a complete and methodical system that guarantees proper corporate management and thus contributes still further to the quality and reliability of its services, a demonstration of its commitment to total customer satisfaction.



UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 is the reference standard for the certification of quality management systems. Itenables businesses to demonstratetheircapacity to provideproducts and servicesthatconform to contractualrequirements, via a management system set up in line with a process model thatemphasizes the centrality of the customer and a commitment to ongoingimprovement.

TWT has gained the top ranking from Cribis D&B


Cribis D&B, created from the strategic partnership between CRIF Group, the global leader in credit information systems and decision-supportsystems, and D&B, the world leader in the business information sector, with over 168 years’ experience, has awarded the Rating 1 certificate to TWT.

Rating 1 represents the best possible economic and financial reliability status that a company can achieve.

Cribis D&B ensures that the economic and commercial information it provides on companies is of the very best quality and offers the broadest coverage. In-depth, accurate information is backed up by the technological power and flexibility to respond swiftly to market needs, with advanced scoring models and decision-support systems.

The D&B Rating is an indicator that is always up to date, tha tis easy to interpret, and that enables a company’s level of risk to be assessed at a glance. Itoffers a simple way to classify and monitor overall risk.

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