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The challenge

Today’s offices are moving further away from a traditional way of thinking about work in closed spaces, instruments, and fixed workstations: work spaces have become digital workplaces, that focus on the multiple needs of the job, multi-functionality, and the multi-disciplinary nature of the company.
In order for this to happen, modern offices must be able to take advantage of advanced technologies that are customised on the needs and dimension of spaces, visions, and streamlined operations.


Today’s offices mainly require technologies that facilitate the sharing of resources, accessibility to workstations and tools at any time and place, high-performance connectivity, and security for all data stored and managed digitally.

What follows are some of the challenges that TWT customers have successfully faced:

TWT Solutions

Dedicated Fiber

For the highest levels of connectivity in the office


To create private connections between offices


To have an innovative switchboard suitable for internal needs and mobility

Cloud Storage

To store a large amount of data

Disaster Recovery

To always guarantee full operational continuity