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The digital era has brought entire medical, therapeutic and rehabilitative practices to very high levels of innovation.

The challenge

The Health & Fitness sector welcomed digitisation as an important opportunity to innovate many processes, streamline the flow of data and manage entire therapeutic, rehabilitation and recreational practices thanks to cloud technologies, automated systems and advanced communication.


From medical prescriptions and digital booking to interactive training and telemedicine: the world of Health & Fitness has a growing need for technologies to support activities that were once unthinkable, and now indispensable.

What follows are some of the challenges that TWT customers have successfully faced in the Health & Fitness sector:

TWT Solutions

Dedicated Fiber

For the highest levels of connectivity in the office


To create private connections between offices


To never stay offline

Disaster Recovery

To always guarantee full operational continuity


To have an innovative switchboard suitable for internal needs and mobility

Interconnection Service

To connect quickly, securely and without interruption to any office or Data Centres worldwideres