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An innovative digital system aims at automation and the streamlining of all supply chain operations.

The challenge

Companies in the Logistics and Manufacturing sector have great opportunities and challenges to face in order to be a part of and grow in the digital age. A new organisational and production model is developing in logistics and production companies: an innovative digital system that aims at automation and the streamlining of all supply chain operations.


To achieve the goals set by the technological challenge, companies in various areas of the logistics and production sector aim at integrating innovative tools that facilitate activities and reduce time and costs, from goods management to production and distribution.

What follows are some of the challenges that TWT customers have successfully faced in the Logistics & Manufacturing sector:

TWT Solutions

Dedicated Fiber

For the highest levels of connectivity in the office

Full / Private / Hybrid Cloud for servers and virtual desktops

 To streamline server and PC activities


To create private connections between offices


To have an innovative switchboard suitable for internal needs and mobility


To never stay offline

Cloud Backup

To always keep systems and data safe

Disaster Recovery

To always guarantee full operational continuity

Interconnection Service

To connect quickly, securely and without interruption to any office or Data Centres worldwideres