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The challenge

Companies in the Luxury & Fashion sector face great challenges every day: they must constantly maintain the qualitative level of their products and purchasing experience for customers at the highest levels, as well as optimise and making their value chain as efficient as possible in order to anticipate market trends and identify the transformation of demand due to globalisation.


Obsolete technologies and communication systems affect the productivity of business users, with a negative impact on profits and margins. From this arises the need for more effective and efficient TLC and ICT solutions that can immediately meet the increasing business needs.

What follows are some of the challenges that TWT customers have successfully faced in the Luxury & Fashion sector:

TWT Solutions

Dedicated Fiber

For the highest levels of connectivity in the office


To create private connections between offices


To never stay offline

Disaster Recovery

To always guarantee full operational continuity

Interconnection Service

To connect quickly, securely and without interruption to any office or Data Centres worldwideres