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The best of the cloud and the TWT data center

With the Cloud you can access your resources anywhere and at any time. Much more than a virtual space, it actually guarantees maximum security, scalability and personalization of all digital requirements. The Cloud is an essential resource for today’s companies, which can count on the flexibility of a service that accelerates and simplifies their activities, thus reducing costs and allowing for cumbersome physical hardware to be replaced.

Cloud-based services are physically housed in the TWT Data Center, a secure and spacious data room which also hosts customers’ infrastructures.


The TWT Data Center is a reliable, scalable and efficient infrastructure, with an abundance of latest generation equipment. The location is ideal for Co-location services (for secure interconnections, also of a global nature), Interconnection Services for connecting directly with Data Centers in other countries) and a Network Hub (with strategic points in Caldera park, MIX and AVALON).

Cloud Services

TWT Cloud-based services bring innovation to your activities, whatever they are, strengthening them with the simplicity and flexibility typical of the Cloud. Some of these are services that ensure the security of your resources such as Disaster Recovery, Cloud Backup and Cloud Storage. Others are services which respond to your communication needs, such as the IP PBX, the Fax2Mail for receiving and sending faxes via email, ordinary mail and PEC. Thanks to TWT, e-invoicing also has its own space on the Cloud with the innovative BILL4ME platform.