The solution is dedicated to companies that want to resell ICT and TLC services under their own brand through the dedicated web portal, which ensures total autonomy in the management of the company business model.


The Reseller Switchless Connectivity offer involves the provisioning of internet access, giving the opportunity of managing the offer to end customers independently.
National coverage also includes a selection of multiple access carriers, which ensure the widest range of technical solutions.
The provisioning process, through the use of our technology platform, is simple and quick and involves the purchase of individual profiles that can be customised in terms of access, speed and bandwidth.
The services available within the solution are:

  • FTTx LINES (FTTCab and FTTHome)
  • SHDSL LINES (Symmetrical)
  • ADSL LINES (Asymmetrical)
  • Guaranteed End-to-End single circuit Bandwidth
  • Tailored solutions with customised project


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The Switchless Voice offer involves complete and flexible management of the voice telephony service, through a dedicated web interface reserved to Resellers.
There are several voice service profiles available, including:

  • VoIP (Reseller VoIP)
  • CPS (Carrier Pre Selection)
  • WLR (Wholesale Line Rental)

Other services available:

  • Geographic Numbers (GN) and Number Portability management
  • Non-Geographic Numbers (NGN 800, 848, 840)
  • International Freephone Numbers
  • A wide range of security locks and anti-fraud systems
  • Daily downloads of data for billing (CDR)
  • Reports on the status of customer lines.


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Switchless IC (Internet Communication) is the solution that integrates the most innovative Unified Communication tools in a single platform:

  • Domains: registration and maintenance
  • Email center: a comprehensive interface to manage emails, calendars, contacts, files and activities, accessible anywhere, synchronised, organised in the same way on every device and shared within the company
  • IP PBX: the virtual PBX telephone exchange that allows you to stay connected with the company telephone system anywhere using your extension number
  • Fax2Mail: to send/receive faxes anywhere in digital format via the mailbox and easily store them
  • vBox: a space for storing files, accessing them from any device, sharing them with anyone and synchronising them on any device
  • Web Hosting, FTP Hosting and DNS.

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The vServer service enables Resellers to set up a dedicated, safe and reliable virtual infrastructure in the TWT Cloud, with computing parameters, RAM and customisable storage.
It is an ideal service to store, process and share information and use the various company applications optimally while streamlining IT costs.

  • VM (Virtual Machine): sizeable according to customer requirements
  • Hypervisor VMware: maximum reliability and flexibility
  • Infrastructure based on enterprise-class Storage and Server
  • Guaranteed and reliable safety standards
  • Simple provisioning through the Portal
  • Basic Firewall and template
  • Virtual and physical machine backup
  • Dedicated Virtual Servers (customised)

Further Information

The vServer service is provided on shared infrastructure (Infrastructure as a Service: IaaS) which ensures maximum reliability and flexibility for virtualisation.
The TWT control centres guarantee 24/7 monitoring of the infrastructure as well as the national and international internet backbone.
The provisioning process with TWT is simple and quick and involves purchasing individual vServers and related accessories, which can be configured with different profiles through the dedicated Reseller portal.
In addition, the Reseller can in turn provide the customer with a vServer Management Web interface for secure and reserved access.

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TWT, as an authorised provider registered in the public list of Agency for Digital Italy (ex DigitPA) offers the PEC Certified Electronic Mail service, i.e. an innovative e-mail system that guarantees the transmission and delivery of the message to the recipient.
The solution is designed for those who want to sell their customers access to the PEC mailbox, giving Resellers the opportunity to use different types of services, meet the needs of customers who do not need the domain to indicate the company they belong to, as well as those who wish to register their own PEC domain and enable their own mailboxes on it:

  • Certified Reseller domain
  • Subdomain chosen by the owner
  • Domain or subdomain property of the owner

The offer also includes:

  • The e-mail notification service
  • The log file

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