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BILL4ME Electronic Invoicing


The innovative cloud platform

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BILL4ME by TWT is a Cloud service enabling you to create, organize, compile, issue (Active Cycle), receive (Passive cycle) and store e-invoices, in accordance with legal requirements, which are addressed to governmental departments (B2G), private companies (BTB) and consumers (B2C).


Send. The service enables invoices to be drafted by either manually entering data into a web form or by importing existing invoices. In addition, BILL4ME saves the senders’ and assignees’ data registry.

Receive. The service handles the receipt of electronic invoices from suppliers using a Recipient Code or the “TWT POWER PEC”, a certified email account that can be used exclusively for Electronic Invoicing.

Multi-user function. The Client can create up to 4 user accounts in addition to the main account used to activate the service. This means the company profile can be shared with the company’s accountant, partners and administrative personnel, thus speeding up internal and external information exchange.


Simple to use.

Procedural security.

Flexibility and Scalability with respect to company needs.

Storage of invoices in accordance with legal requirements (10 years)

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