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Cloud Backup



Data storage, encryption and protection

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TWT’s Cloud Backup service is the perfect solution to handle maintenance while keeping data totally safe, as the Client can schedule automatic virtual or physical backups.

The data are stored in TWT’s Data Center and saved with enterprise-class storage thanks to our partnership with leading companies in the sector.


What to Backup. It is possible to effect a back up of the entire machine, disks/volumes, system and applications data, Cloud-to-Cloud or VMWare/HyperV virtual infrastructures.

Backup Planning. It is possible to schedule monthly, weekly, daily and hourly backups.

Backup Storage. It is possible to schedule the storage of the recovery points available by time frame or backup number and to store all the backups effected.


Easy to use. Every operation is done with a single web interface: the Management Console in the Cloud. So no complex software installations are required.

Automatic. Initially, the Client sets up and schedules backups according to individual requirements, by choosing the resources, and by selecting the schedule and storage period.

Safe. The transfer and maintenance of stored data is encrypted and compressed.

Efficient. The efficiency systems limit the use of the Client’s band, only transferring new or modified data.

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