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Data and infrastructures are secure on the Cloud

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TWT’s Object Storage solution manages space in the Cloud to archive and share company data. The service is based on an enterprise-class infrastructure, thanks to our partnership with leading companies in the sector. The system is fully compatible with S3 protocol and can be easily used by all the applications it supports, even in the event of migration from another provider.

With TWT’s Object Storage platform, an entire company archive infrastructure can be transferred to the Cloud, which is especially useful for applications storage, static web content hosting, online archiving and big data, thanks to a combination of scalability, availability and coherence of constant data.


Bucket Creation. Create folders and sub-folders in private or public mode, protected by token authorization.

Personal Folders. Create encrypted password protected personal folders.

File Versioning. View previous versions of a file.

Quick Sharing. Create and send a link to download any file safely and securely.

Backup Integration. Fully compatible with S3 ready backup software.


Security. Restricted access via Account ID and Application Key. The data stored in TWT’s Data Center in Italy are encrypted with an AES-256 algorithm and are easily accessible at any time. Data is transferred solely in HTTPS.

Sharing. Users can utilize space and share data, files and documents from any device.

Compatibility. The service is compatible with all software that implements the S3 standard.

Simplicity. Object Storage makes S3 protocol available, simplifying data operations.

Scalability. The system can reduce space based on Client needs.

Multi-Site. The system can automatically save the same data in multiple sites.

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