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Data Protect



Complete data and systems protection

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TWT Data Protect is the in-cloud solution that integrates cybersecurity, data protection and endpoint management to fully protect devices, systems and data, while eliminating complexities.

The service combines the principal functions for cyber protection such as: backup, anti-ransomware and anti-malware, endpoint protection, disaster recovery and much more besides.


  • Data stored and managed in Italy (in compliance with current legal provisions, such as the GDPR)

  • Data protected by means of encryption

  • Assistance provided by 1st and 2nd level technicians

  • Redundancy of systems and infrastructures

  • One single and intuitive console protected by 2 Factor Authentication (2FA)

  • One solution for all essential functions

  • Maximum integration between services and various functions

  • Unlimited scalability in the cloud for simple adaptation to any requirement

  • The four main elements of the service are also available in Advanced mode

Essential functions for the protection of all devices and data:

Cybersecurity. Essential functions for the security and complete protection of data and systems from cyber threats.

Management. Essential functions for the centralized management of protection systems, for the rapid configuration of endpoints, for the assistance of remote users and the monitoring of security.

Backup. The backup function is available both in the cloud and locally. It can be planned to suit specific requirements in terms of timing and content, without interfering with everyday activities.

Disaster Recovery. The Disaster Recovery solution enables uninterrupted access to all company resources even in the event of catastrophic or unforeseen events, so that business continuity is safeguarded.

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