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Disaster Recovery



Digital resources available at all times

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TWT’s Disaster Recovery is a Cloud service that ensures company resources are always available, even in the event of catastrophes or unexpected events, while safeguarding business continuity.

The service utilizes the leading solutions on the market to protect your infrastructure professionally, easily and safely.


The replication mechanisms can cover any workload from Windows and Linux.

Even if there is a problem with the entire site, production workloads can be transferred from the Data Center in Cloud in just a few minutes to become quickly operative again.

The Client can autonomously run tests at any time. The disaster recovery testis a trial run, simulating the activation of the machines at the secondary site without interfering with the production machines (primary site). The test checks that the replicas and Disaster Recovery procedures work correctly.

Measurement parameters

RPO: Recovery Point Objective. This shows the maximum misalignment that can be tolerated between the production environment (primary site) and the replicated environment (secondary site).

RTO: Recovery Time Objective. This shows the time needed for the operative recovery of services from the secondary sites after a disaster.

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