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Avant-garde email for company organization

TWT’s email is accessible from any device and is always synchronized in real time with all devices in use.

The Mailbox Management tool enables the fully independent management of email domains. When you enter your valid administrative credentials, the domain summary page will be displayed showing the complete list of accounts.

Through the web interface, it is possible to create new accounts and modify or delete existing ones, check available space, enter any automatic messages in the case of absence, manage forwarding email addresses, change passwords and much more besides.


Services included

Antispamming Professional. This function enables you to protect all the mailboxes of your domain from 98% of spam (unwanted emails) viruses and phishing.

Antivirus. Enables the scanning of all in-coming and out-going emails associated with the domain. If a virus is detected, the server interrupts the connection and the infected email is automatically deleted.

Calendar. For keeping track of all commitments and fixing appointments.

Contacts. For storing an unlimited number of names and groups.

“On vacation messages”. This function enables you to arrange foran automatic response when absent.

MS Exchange™

Microsoft Exchange Server is a cloud-based service facilitating the online collaboration between users of the same organization (company, public body etc.) and boosts productivity.

The in-coming email folder is personalized to make message display and interaction more efficient.

The improvements made to search functions ensure faster and more exhaustive results and the additional components enable connections to the other internal applications with high levels of personalization and extension.

Principal functions:

  • centralized management of messages through electronic mail,
  • management of calendars and agendas, which may be shared with other users of the company network,
  • shared and controlled planning of company activities, and much more besides.

Access is possible via your own email reader or through the Webmail Outlook.

The Exchange Management tool enables the management of company mail by activating, modifying and deleting – according to specific requirements – the necessary mailboxes.

The service contributes to protecting company information with spam filters and antimalware.

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