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The evolution of the fax

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TWT’s Fax2Mail solution is a service to send and receive faxes via an email account associated with a numbered mail address.

Fax2Mail service supports the most common Office, image and PDF, RTF, TXT file formats.


Types of service

Standard (fax[geographicnumber] The standard service includes the creation of an email account associated with a geographic number.

Advanced (username@clientdomain.ext). Clients who have activated an email address with TWT can choose to manage the geographic numbering directly with their email account.

Exchange (username@clientdomain.ext). Exchange can be activated for Clients who have their own server to manage email.


Simplicity. Send and receive a fax quickly and easily as if it were an email.

Affordability. Send and receive a fax directly from your email inbox, no technical assistance or hardware installation required. Save on paper and toner as well as the cost of another line.

Sustainability. Print only the documents you need and reduce paper consumption.

Mobility. Fax2Mail facilitates working from home and data sharing, just like email.

Security. Documents can be archived directly on your computer, ensuring data privacy.

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