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Full / Private / Hybrid Cloud for servers and virtual desktops


Cloud-based space and services

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Thanks to advanced services, TWT offers the most innovative and scalable Cloud solutions that can be adapted to every need, which are ideal for the storage and management of Virtual Servers and Desktops.


Virtual Server is the perfect tool to elaborate, share and store data and to optimize the use of company applications. The service ensures business continuity in a purely virtual environment without any of the restrictions of resource scalability.

VDI Desktop Virtualization is the TWT’s solution to enable you to access your own desktop and company resources using any device connected to the internet. Desktop virtualization optimizes the value of existing PCs by enhancing their performance and delaying obsolescence. Modern thin clients with low energy consumption, reduced costs and considerably longer PC life can also be used.

Full Cloud solution is a public Cloud service made available to the Client through a single shared infrastructure. This service is perfect for archiving data, online collaboration on documents and web email.

Private Cloud solution is a hardware resource entirely dedicated to the Client, while having all the characteristics of a public Cloud, such as scalability, security and simplified management.

Hybrid Cloud solution is a combination of various public and private Cloud environments that carry out different functions inside the same structure. It’s a solution that minimizes the exposure of data to the outside and lets companies use a secure, flexible and scalable solution to implement their own IT services.


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