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Innovation of communication systems

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This virtual IP PBX solution innovates communication systems. In addition to the traditional functionalities of the most powerful physical PBX systems on the market, this innovative service based on IP protocol has cutting edge advanced functionalities including phone autoprovisioning, IVRs, call center services, CRM integration and much more.


Completely mobility. Answer calls to personal extensions on smart phones connected to data networks/GSM or on any PC, exactly as if you were in the office. What’s more, if the user makes or receives internal calls on the company network, they are free.

Always reachable at the same number. With IPPBX, you can always stay connected to the company telephone system and have use of your internal extension number to receive calls.

Unlimited scalability. The IPPBX is a flexible, scalable communication platform that can grow and change along with the specific needs of the Customer.

Easy to manage via web interface. Users can independently configure their preferences for their personal internal extension with a user-friendly interface; no technical knowledge is required.

Advanced telephone services

Completely configurable multi-level IVR

Voicemail with voice messages forwarded to email

Multi-user/multi-room audio-conferencing with the option to delegate control of each room to the users

Assign the same internal extension to multiple devices

Call recording (unconditional and upon request, incoming and outgoingwith shared and/or dedicated storage)

Advanced queue management

Director-secretary service


Hot desking

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