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A secure workspace offering multiple advanced functions in which to upload, share and modify your files from a PC, smartphone or tablet.

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TWT Box is the platform that puts your file online, to enable file sharing, collaboration and the synchronization of documents on every device, in a way that is technologically advanced and secure.

The platform guarantees maximum control, access hierarchies and monitoring based on specific requirements, as well as efficient document management.


Data stored in Italy
TWT Box guarantees that data are stored and managed in Italy and in compliance with current legislation regulating data processing and privacy (e.g. GDPR).

Data backup
Backup operations are carried out daily and are subject to 30 days retention.

Qualified support
Users can count on TWT’s expert and qualified technical assistance, for any need that arises, from configuration to after-sales service.

Secure encrypted data
Data are encrypted and access to the files is subject to a series of pre-set rules (read-only, revision, sharing, …).


Sharing: It is possible to upload, modify and share files (images, documents, videos, …) through public or private links, to which expiry dates can be assigned. Furthermore, all data are encrypted and may be protected by a password.

Collaboration: the service provides text editing tools for working on joint projects and the real time revision of documents. An instant notification system is also available for the comments and notes entered by other team members.

Synchronization: the data entered and modified on the platform are constantly synchronized on all devices in use, to enable their use in any place and at any time.

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