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Fiber optic technology in shared band

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TWT’s FTTx are data lines partially or totally based on fiber optic technology in shared band mode. These lines provide Clients with high standards of speed when downloading and uploading, and the same stability as a new technologically advanced network structure.


There are two types of FTTx data lines, depending on existing national coverage:

FTTH “Fiber to the Home” (fiber). The completely fiber optic network reaches the Client directly, supplying maximum performance with extremely fast and reliable data transmission.

FTTCab “Fiber to the Cabinet” (fiber copper mix). The fiber reaches the distribution cabinet in the street. From there, the twisted copper pair reaches the Client, providing high-performance data transmission. A large national capillary system is ensured by preexisting networks.


Reliability: fiber connections are more stable as they are less vulnerable to interruptions and technical issues.

Performance: broadband enables data to travel at higher speeds than systems based on copper technology.

Innovation: fiber connections provide access to more innovative applications and services.

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