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Licensed and un-licensed connectivity

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The TWT Wireless solution enables access to the network frequency anywhere.
TWT’s Wireless is a broadband data connectivity solution, available in both licensed frequency and un-licensed point-to-point frequency.


Licensed frequencies

  • Guaranteed band
  • Concession of “proprietary” frequency
  • No disruption due to interference, 99.9% uptime
  • High capacity with carrier-grade devices
  • Higher costs to license frequencies and devices

Un-licensed frequencies

  • 100% allocated band (reduction possible in the event of interference)
  • Point-to-point with ultra-narrow beams to minimize interference
  • High capacity with top-of-the-line devices
  • Lower costs for frequencies and devices


Widespread coverage also in areas not easily reached by fiber optics

Speed up to 3 Gbps

Guaranteed band performance

Maximum stability

Possibility of customized projects

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