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Your machines housed in the TWT Data Center

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The TWT Housing service, also known as Co-location, safeguards essential data with the highest levels of security and operational reliability.

TWT points of presence also provide access to vital ecosystems where large networks and companies interconnect. Thanks to agreements with leading Partners in our industry, TWT can count on a global coverage while maintaining high quality standards in terms of performance, reliability, security and choice of networks. The TWT Data Centers operating in Italy are located in Milan.


The Service targets companies wishing to use an infrastructural outsourcing solution while maintaining complete control and ownership of their machines. The high level of customization associated with the range of services on offer enables Customers to choose the most suitable type of connectivity for their business with various levels of Help Desk services to respond to all company needs.

The Housing Service includes:

  • Physical space for housing machines
  • Dedicated connectivity to the Internet (national and international)
  • Regulated power supply
  • Logical security of the machines
  • Presence of racks in the TWT Server Farm and enjoyment of technological advantages with adequate sizing of the transmission nodes and abundance of connectivity systems
  • The possibility to arrange for a scalable Internet band beyond the threshold stipulated in the agreement
  • IP addressing
  • Centralized firewall (optional)
  • Help Desk and Advanced Help Desk services

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