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Reseller White Label


By acting as a last-mile aggregator, TWT identifies the best last mile suppliers and provides innovative solutions that combine security, scalability and reliability, in order to simplify the widespread use of multi-location Internet connectivity.


Switched Resellers are those resellers who have their own infrastructure and wish to directly manage the collection and termination of telephone traffic and connectivity services to further grow their businesses.

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Switchless Resellers are those resellers who rely on TWT’s infrastructure and services directly to provide ICT and TLC services, while retaining their own brand name.

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Whitelabel TWT services allow you to use your own brand and sales policies

Fully independent management of provisioning and assurance processes through a dedicated web portal

Customer Care with skilled technicians

Service scalability and flexibility

Dedicated advisory and consulting services on commercial aspects and project design In-house

TWT Services for switched and switchless reseller